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So, as Neville Cardus never said, here’s the thing. I was bought Surrey membership for my birthday. It’s an Ashes year and the Hobbs Gate at the Oval has been renovated, actual wrought iron heaved into place to give the approach to the great ground some sense of grandeur. About time. Every other cricket website is blogging about the county game like it’s going out of fashion, so why not ours? I have an aversion to the word “blog”, but this intermittent journal needs a name. Bad puns are the tools of my trade. Thus, in the sort of flash inspiration that oft fills a down-page caption, The Hobbs Grate.


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Apr 18 -     The Maccabees' guitarist's fantasy XI


Apr 20 -     What the Buttler saw or, rather, we saw in him


Apr 25 -     All's well that ends Wells


May 3 -      Ginger Rogers... and Wendy Hurrell


May 6 -      Hogs roasted, plus memories of Maco and Gordon


May 10 -    Beer-festival batsmanship


May 11 -    Ben Stokes's game of thrones


Jun 3 -       Grisly Adams


Jun 13 -     When the Bell tolls


Jul 11 -      Punter's last stand


Jul 19 -      Royally thumped


Aug 2 -      The only way was Essex


Aug 21 -    A day to forget


Sep 5 -      Spin city


Sep 29 -    A star is born?


Oct 1 -      Strife on Mars


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