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GCC v Strongroom - Match Report Sun 14th July 2018 

by Chris Humphries

What a week. Chequers, political fall out, open use of chemical weapons in the Shires, Trump messing around with the world order and finally Steve admitting that he is related to Trump…. what? Fake news again? No dear reader it was established that Trump’s mother was indeed a Macleod. I established this fact during the period between a sensible arrival time in North London of 12:30 and when we finally got eleven on the pitch, closer to 14:15. 
Highgate is best travelled to on a sunny Saturday by tube. This is not fake news dear reader but sage advice. 
Anyway point made. 
Cunners, recently appointed to skipper owing to Tom’s injury seemed to be in a pontificating mood. The pitch was soaked overnight with a thunderstorm, the air was hot and muggy and temperatures approaching 30 degrees. Normally you’d choose to bat rather than wilt in the field. Cunners however saw past this and correctly predicted the pitch getting harder and drier as the game would progress. That and the fact Gardeners have been outstanding in the field this season especially in the catching department. Fake news again?
Tom, captaining remotely via WhatsApp decided it wasn’t worth watching us field. He was probably right. At 20 overs, thrifty bowling from Rob, Cunners, Saj and Sam saw SR limited to only 60-5. However catches were still being put down. Some were difficult, some absolute sitters. It got worse. In all honest SR were let off the hook. They got to a reasonable 160 in the 40th over. 
This was an achievable target. The pitch was drier but still very variable. Dave and Fraz fell cheaply, both LBW to Grant Dixon. Jamie had a good start and was caught middling a ball that was begging to be hit. Saj did his thing but was caught trying to clear mid off. Owen was unlucky, getting a peach that clipped his glove. And Steve Seaton…. LBW? Hitting thigh pad? The highlight of the innings, and rightfully the Al Desco Sandwich moment went to Rob, smashing one to Cow, one bounce for four.
We struggled to 133 all out in 35 overs in a match we should and could have won. SR don’t have a team for the return fixture so this was an opportunity missed. 
Few beers and G&Ts in The Woodman softened the blow but this was not a good enough performance. More catching please and more rigorous decision making when umpiring. 

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