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Salmagundi Gardeners Match Report


The Return of the Highlander 2: Electric Boogaloo


Salmagundi: a 17th century dish of cooked meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, leaves, nuts, and vinegar; popular with pirates and buccaneers of the Caribbean West Indies. 


Gardener v Gardener, Regents Park, sizzler of a day, decent crowd out, stag-do simmering away nicely at cow corner, the gentle whiff of burnt sausages lingers - what better location to pit Gardener vee Gardener in front of a festive crowd? The Salmagundians certainly had some swashbucklers in their ranks, but we had a Highlander, making his portentous return from… uh, the Fens or somewhere weird up north, anyway.


GCC, sticking firmly to the Eoin Morgan philosophy of bowl first, biff later, take to the field, spearheaded by the intimidating timber of Cunningham & Hatcher. Salmagundi openers were up to the challenge though and gently felled said timber, putting on a well-engineered partnership to see off our miserly spells. It took some Jac magic to break the partnership in the 19th over after what felt like an hour of test cricket. The floodgates opened soon after though as the rest of the Salmagundi wickets soon fell like dominoes going from 58/1 to 115 all out. Struthers saw good reward for his efforts with 2 wickets, Leahy chipped in, but spell of the day must surely have gone to Steve McCleod for figures of 8-1-29-3 on the trot – great to have him back in a Gardeners cap! Other notable contributions included a good reaction catch with the gloves from SS, Cunners’s eventual 6-4-1-2, closing out the innings with two from two, and a hand-delivered tray of jaegerbombs at cow corner. GCC set 119 for victory. 


Not a big target, but a tricky one nevertheless – faced with an outfield thicker than Tackleberry’s barnet, boundaries on the ground virtually dried up, so it rapidly became a game of singles (bar Jamie’s lone 6 of the game). Woodhouse, Cunningham, Elliot, Cunners all got in, but got out, each nudging us closer to victory. This left Leahy at the crease to steady the ship and tee the ball up for the Highlander, topping off a memorable comeback for the Gardeners, to land the killer blow. GCC 119/6, win by 5 wickets  


Battenburg moment must surely go to our friends at cow corner for a performance that ended in something like this…




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