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Top Run Scorers

Highest Individual Innings
126* Dutta S. 27-Aug-05 Rossie Priory
126* Seaton S. 18-Jun-17 Bengal Troopers
120* Murtaza S. 22-May-16 Teddington CC
116 Wood M. 08-Jul-18 Palm Tree
115* Sutton W. 26-Jul-08 Strongroom
115 Elliott J. 26-Jun-11 Carpe Diems
110 Rafael P. 08-Jul-07 Sundown Specials
106* Elliott J. 08-Jul-18 Palm Tree
104* Murtaza S. 15-Jul-17 Strongroom
103* Clayton W. 16-Aug-09 Bohemians
102* Dutta S. 29-Aug-04 Crathie
102 Phoplanker S. 07-May-15 Palm Tree
100* Dewar P. 01-Jun-03 Fleet Street Strollers
Most Career Runs
3,676 Woodhouse D.
2,804 Sutton W.
2,550 Richards M.
2,136 de Jesus D.
1,763 Dutta S.
1,703 Clayton W.
1,637 Johnstone H.
1,581 Cunningham N.
1,474 Elliott J.
1,098 Clayton R.
Most Runs in a Season
586 Murtaza S. 2016
492 Richards M. 2006
436 Sutton W. 2001
429 Cunningham N. 2015
422 Woodhouse D. 2004
393 Woodhouse D. 2007
391 Sutton W. 2007
362 Clayton W. 2004
359 Woodhouse D. 2005
352 Woodhouse D.


Career 100s
2 Dutta S.
2 Murtaza S.
2 Elliott J.
1 Sutton W.
1 Clayton W.
1 de Jesus D.
1 Dewar P.
1 Rafael P.
1 Phoplanker S.
1 Seaton S.
1 Wood M.
Most Career 50s
26 Woodhouse D.
24 Sutton W.
19 Dutta S.
13 de Jesus D.
11 Clayton W.
8 Murtaza S.
8 Richards M.
8 Elliott J.
8 Cunningham N.
6 Cunningham O.

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Oliver Cunningham (life)

Nick Cunningham

Paddy Dillon-Hatcher

Jamie Elliott (life)

Ludo Hunter-Tilney

Tom Leahy

John Lloyd (life)

Hugo Nisbet (life)

Steven Seaton

Ed Spirling 

Greg Struthers

David Woodhouse (life)

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